The commissions Application allows salespeople to view important information about sales. It also contains a rule builder that uses a visual language to give ownership an easy way construct rules that salespeople make commission on.

Tools used

  • React
  • REST
  • Rete.js (flow graph interface)
  • Storybook (Styleguide)
  • Custom webpack configuration
  • CircleCI
  • AWS S3 / Cloud Front


Front end developer / Dev Ops.


We began the design process with user flows, describing each task a user would like to accomplish and detailing each individual step. We mocked out the interface in Figma and created prototypes to test on users. We created a few iterations of mock-ups in Figma before we began prototyping the interface. The first working prototypes we're created in React Storybook using mock data.

Dev Ops

For this project we decided to overhaul our deployment pipeline. A coworker and I configured Circle CI to build, deploy, and run tests on our CSS and JavaScript. We also configured it to build and deploy a version of our Application per pull request to make the reviewing process easier.


  • Intuitive commission rule builder for ownership
  • Filterable table with comparators (<, >, =)
  • Component catalog documented in Storybook