PWA Studio

PWA studio is a front-end e-commerce framework built with React. The goal is to create a modern front-end toolset for developing a progressive web app that communices to the Magento (and in the future any) e-commerce back-end.

Tools used

  • React
  • GraphQL
  • Magento 2
  • Custom Webpack toolset
  • Upward (middleman service for communicating to the back-end)


Bargreen-Ellingson currently uses Magento 1, in preparation for the transition to Magento 2 the front-end team helped the community developed PWA Studio project. We coordinated with the Adobe open source community to help build and shape the design of PWA Studio. Simultaneously, we began developing the next version of the Bargreen website.


  • Offline capability
  • PWA
  • Server side rendering